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Apr 29, 2022

It’s really something to listen to Jen Psaki, or Nancy Peolsi or Joe Biden pretend they don’t know how bad the economy is.  It’s even more impressive when they suggest they know who and what’s to blame.  Most of all, they’re sure you – the voter – don’t hold them responsible.  That is, if there’s a problem.  Which they’re not certain there is.  Confused?  Stigall explains. Former Trump Treasury official Michael Faulkender describes and ecplains the policy making that’s sending our economy into the red.  Does your school have a Satanic Club?  They do in York, PA of all places – and Washington Times opinion editor Cheryl Chumley adcknowledges they have a constitutional right to exist in our schools.  But is there a moral case to be made?  And we cover hot congressional races across the country heading into primary season.  From VA-10 – meet one of the primary candidates running – Mike Clancy.