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May 31, 2019

What choice has the President?  After he’s been blocked at every turn to secure the border, Trump lowers the economic boom on Mexico.  Stigall explains why he has no choice.  Barr continues to show why he’s a no nonsense AG, and Stigall actually agrees with some famous liberals who’ve actually been caught on tape telling the truth!


:04 – News headlines

:18 – Trump tweets about 5% tariff on Mexican imports, Elizabeth Warren talks 2 cents on The View and the AP Story is concerned about the consumer now

:41 – Jan Crawford’s CBS interview with AG Bill Barr

:48 – Chris agrees with Rachel Maddow

:58 – Chris agrees with Trevor Noah

1:03 – Chris agrees with Meryl Streep

1:07 – USS John McCain still in the news

1:10 - Mailbag