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May 29, 2019

Midwesterners know the tornadoes and flooding in the news this week isn’t new.  If anything, it’s more the norm after an unusually inactive period of years.  But pandering politicians don’t care if there are points to be scored.  James Comey is taking shelter from the coming investigation storm headed for him and his pals.  And we wade through some recent media profiles of comedians like Wanda Sykes and Jimmy Fallon.


:00 – Open: Elizabeth Warren on climate change, AP story on tornadoes, Dayton, OH weather anchor responds to viewers

:14 – News headlines

:30 – James Comey op-ed

:48 – Christian Toto interview

1:20 – Clarence Thomas on abortion laws, RBG on ‘mother’

1:24 – Where is Joe Biden?

1:27 – Rep. Eric Swalwell is a white guy

1:29 - mailbag