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Mar 29, 2022

It’s kind of incredible.  The more he wins, the louder and more perverse the left’s arguments against him become.  As he signs a bill into law yesterday empowering parents to control what their kindergarteners hear and don’t hear in the classroom regarding sex and sexuality, Disney and of course Hollywood go on the attack.  Not missing a beat and putting on a clinic – hear how brilliantly DeSantis responds yesterday and why every Republican needs to learn how this is done.  Meanwhile the NFL is woke-on-steroids with a new hiring policy.  Plus, it’s some kind of miracle if the “President” doesn’t launch a nuclear war.  Hear the non walk-back, walk-back from Biden as the press pushes on his call for regime change.  Breitbart’s National Security correspondent John Heyward weighs in and explains why China is putting their people back into a COVID lockdown.