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Jun 26, 2019

Interesting mix of stories today.  A KC sports talk host is in trouble after things he says about Andy Reid and his family.  Stigall reflects on the perils of hosting talk radio. One of our favorite nut cases is now a montage of crazy for your enjoyment.  How do Democrats make themselves more relatable to voters?  Morning Joe has a theory.  And Big Tech continues to target conservative voices with alarming precision. 


:00 – Open: plain bagels and drive-thru conspiracies

:11 – News headlines: Mueller/Bueller

:26 – Kevin Keitzman comments on Andy Reid and Chris’s personal experience with how words and context matter

1:01 – E. Jean highlight reel

1:05 – Claire McCaskill on being phony

1:13 – Jay Inslee and ‘climate refugees’

1:19 – Ted Cruz with Google exec

1:26 – Mailbag