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Aug 26, 2019

After a Friday of furious tweeting at China, the Federal Reserve Chair, and American companies – mainstream media spent the weekend diagnosing President Trump’s mental health while his economic advisers took to TV to explain.  Meanwhile, how do Democrats view Joe Biden’s repeated gaffes? David Drucker from the Washington Examiner reports. Plus Paige Powers has an announcement you’ll want to hear.

:00 – Open: Back to school, Trump tweets, RBG, Trump to nuke hurricanes, China, David Drucker, Andrew Luck, Paige has an announcement

:12 – News headlines

:23 – David Drucker from the Washington Examiner

:32 – Trump tweets: China, tariffs, business coming back to US

1:01 – Mexican authorities seize 26 tons of fentanyl that originated from China

1:04 – Trump’s mental state: CNN’s Brian Stelter, Meet The Press

1:09 – Trump suggests nuking hurricanes??

1:13 – Meat is taxing the planet so we should tax meat

1:16 – Jason Whitlock on Dolphins coach comments on JayZ

1:24 – Joe Biden in Keene NH

1:27 – Cindy McCain’s ‘progressive’ comment

1:29 – Paige has an announcement

1:38 – Mailbag