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Aug 27, 2019

It used to be said Republicans were the party of old, white guys.  Have you looked at who’s leading the Democrats field? For now anyway, though new polling information shows some things are changing.  Meanwhile, another young woman of color rises up in Illinois to challenge Democrats in the House. Meet the newest sensation in conservative politics, Catalina Lauf running for IL-14.  Plus, the First Amendment heads to court today and you’ll likely only hear about it here.   

:00 – Open: recap of Paige leaving, Biden and new polling, PragerU/You Tube case, Catalina Lauf

:00 – News headlines: Billie Eyelash, ballet, KFC, rolling dung

:28 – Conservative Catalina Lauf to run for Congress

:57 - Republican Joe Walsh on MSNBC

1:05 - CNN hires Andrew McCabe, Cuomo with Matt Schlapp

1:10 - Prager University is suing You Tube

1:21 - Bill de Blasio’s townhall on CNN: he’s tall

1:23 - Latest Biden gaffe, not going nuts, Politico story on Biden and his brother

1:28 - Monmouth University poll: Biden falling, CNN discusses, crowd size matters

1:32 - Brazil to not accept G7 money for fires

1:34 - Simpsons not going to do anything with Apu

1:39 - Women should drop men

1:46 - Mailbag