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May 28, 2019

As President Trump visits Japan, the media hyperventilate about his tweeting as well as his comments about Kim Jong Un of North Korea and Joe Biden.  Citizens of the UK slap their government even harder over Brexit at the polls.  The culture war continues over sandwiches and razors here in the US.  And Stigall marvels at an experience he had at Lowe’s. 


:00 – Open, poll on using “Happy” Memorial Day, Mike Barnicle on MSNBC on what Memorial Day means

:09 – News headlines

:26 – Chris’s visit to Lowes

:31 – Ed Turzanski on Brexit, North Korea, Trump in Japan

1:07 – Liz Cheney uses the “t” word

1:09 – ‘Mommy Dearest’ on what John McCain said to her

1:12 – Scott Pelley was a victim of a hostile work environment

1:17 – FAA to investigate San Antonio airport after barring Chick-fil-A

1:19 - mailbag