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Jul 30, 2019

Democrats head to Detroit to square off in their second debate.  Stigall has a personal stake in a particular candidate as national news media has picked up on his campaign inside the campaign.  The Smothers Brothers celebrate bravery in comedy. Stigall takes a victory lap as the financials of women’s soccer are released and the facts don’t stack up on the women’s side for more money than they’re already earning.  Plus a preview interview with Derek Hunter from the Daily Caller inside the blight of Baltimore.  

:00 – Open: screaming into your phone should be outlawed, all news headlines = racist, programming note

:21 – News headlines: the end of hotel shampoo bottles

:41 - Conversation with Derrick Hunter on Baltimore

:55 – US Women’s soccer team on being paid equally

1:04 – Smother’s Brothers reunite to celebrate being fired

1:07 – Chris Stigall Show Podcast in USA Today on influencing the Democratic primary 

1:11 – Pete Boot-edge-edge is 0% with blacks

1:14 – Trump’s plastic straws are a hit

1:15 – Biden is going to be more aggressive

1:17 – Bernie & Cardi B shoot a commercial in a nail salon

1:19 – Law & Crime article on impeachment of Trump

1:20 – John Delaney on Trump’s Baltimore tweet

1:26 - Mailbag