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Dec 23, 2021

Yep.  No way to spin it.  No legitimate reason for fear or panic anymore.  COVID as a political issue, as a control issue – is over.  Politicians may not say it.  News may not report it.  But today’s show now makes the iron-clad case for any panicky doubters in the audience or in your own life – this is not an emergency (if it ever was).  COVID will not kill you or even hospitalize you.  If you know your facts.  Stigall lays them out in full as a Christmas gift for you!  However crime and the open border are very real issues yet to be dealt with which is why we bring in two expert guests to discuss real problems the country is facing – former director of ICE Tom Homan and GOP Director of Black Media Affairs Paris Dennard.  Plus, Joe Biden opens the door to a very odd analysis of whether he’ll run for a second term.  Hear it here!