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Jul 29, 2019

The President uses the word “infested” when talking about everything from rodents to crime to disease.  But Democrats have determined that’s racist, so, you’re on notice Terminix. Meanwhile, as Democrats scream “racist,” can anyone argue how dire the situation is in many of our largest American cities?  Stigall lays out ample evidence to sort through the noise of the weekend.


:00 – Open: Trump’s tweets, what have the Dems done in the House?

:17 – News headlines: Mickey & Minnie, Fortnite

:36 – From Friday: Trevor Noah’s comments on NYC cops, AOC/Pelosi meeting, Supreme Court allows defense funds to be used for border wall

:48 – Trump tweeting about Cummings and Baltimore, infested is now code for racism, Chris Wallace with Mick Mulvaney

1:10 – Sanders asked about Baltimore and his old tweet

1:18 – Meghan McCain responds, a lot of feelings going on

1:30 – Dr. Drew on with Laura Ingraham: waste in CA

1:34 – Baltimore’s Deputy Police Commissioner robbed at gunpoint

1:35 - Mailbag