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Jun 25, 2019

Democrats are promising everything from gay marriage reparations, to slave reparations, to medicine – for all! Free!  This week, in one voice, they’re all trying to outdo one another on paying for college for every American.  Those with existing student loan debt will have that paid for too!  What about we suckers who’ve already paid off our loans?  Plus, the woman who claims Trump raped her is given plenty of time on CNN to embarrass herself and the network yesterday.  And Google wants to control everything you see.  Yikes.

:00 – Open: who’s working and Dems got their talking points about no student debt

:14 – News headlines

:33 – Rand Paul on Iran sanctions

:40 – Project Veritas goes undercover with Google who wants to prevent another 2016

:47 – Home Depot creators on paying taxes and capitalism

:55 – The promise of free college from AOC, Bernie, Warren…..if it’s all for free, it loses its value

1:12 – Warren on reparations for gays

1:15 – E. Jean, with Anderson Cooper, says she thinks rape is ‘sexy’

1:20 - Mailbag