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Jun 26, 2020

If you listened to many pundits, read a lot of different polls, and frankly, even tuned into certain Fox News personalities, there seems to be growing sentiment President Trump isn’t “leading” in the midst of statue toppling and hostile takeovers of cities like Seattle and its hurting him politically. 


Stigall puts that notion to the test with one of the smartest political minds we know, Kelly Johnston – former politico, Secretary of the US Senate, and journalist who sees it much differently. 


From the Washington Times, the hilarious Tim Young tours the nation and isn’t afraid to blast away at the “Karens” of mask country.  And baseball is back.  How will it work with no fans, social distancing, and limited time?  We talk with’s Todd Zolecki – author of the new book “Doc: The Life of Roy Halladay.”