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Aug 28, 2019

From news anchor flubs to comedy clubs – we’ve allowed “outrage culture” the ability to silence and shut down many venues of free speech and expression.  Sometimes, even mistakes are blown up into career ending “news stories.” Comics like Dave Chappell are bucking this trend, and so is Stigall as much of today’s show tackles the issue.   Our first 2-hour show! How’s that feel?  

:00 – Open: Vanity Fair piece on Biden, bedbugs, Trump tweets, Beto, Pete Davidson, Dave Chappelle, CNN’s 7-hour broadcast

:17 – News headlines

:30 – Oklahoma City news program’s ‘gorilla’ comment

:48 – Omar a homewrecker?

:53 – Trump tweets

:55 – Bedbugs at the New York Times

1:14 – Vanity Fair piece on Biden, get back to news

1:21 – Dave Chappelle special

1:34 – Pete Davidson says ‘grow up’ and more at college appearance

1:39 – CNN will host 7-hour program on climate change with Dem candidates

1:41 – Dem Iowa rep talks about her health care at town hall

1:43 – Beto on the cause of droughts and abortion

1:46 – Bernie gets asked about China

1:51 - Mailbag