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Aug 29, 2019

Today’s show uses Stigall’s Townhall column as a jumping off point and a running theme through most of the news of the day.  Mob rule versus the individual. Whether it’s religion, comedy, political donations, or personal beliefs – there’s a disturbing, and growing trend of mob rule dictating the way business gets done in the country today.  How does the individual push back? It’s as simple as a piece of paper….

:00 – Open: Dem candidates falling off and debates, AOC is silent no more, Taylor Swift, Chris’s column

:07 – It’s the 100th podcast!

:11 – News headlines

:21 – VP Pence speaking to a veterans group and bibles vs Beto town hall and a Christian supporter

:34 – Mob rule against Olive Garden: this is where we’re going

:39 – Lowes’ small hands

:43 – Bill Barr’s Christmas party

:47 – Dems purging themselves, then there were 10, John Delaney on MSNBC, Tulsi on polls and Chris makes a Tulsi prediction

1:02 – Andrew Yang has an idea on climate change

1:04 – AOC on climate change: frozen diseases

1:13 – Not enough natural gas in New York

1:19 – Taylor Swift vs Kellyanne Conway on the Equality Act

1:35 - Mailbag