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Apr 26, 2022

If you’re not a heavy social media user, you may not see or hear all of the hysterics the left is spewing about Elon Musk owning Twitter.  Stigall put new ownership to the test yesterday.  He explains how and why all this hysteria is actually an important lesson in authoritarianism.  Anyone who believes Trump is the villain and people like Obama are sweetness and light have it exactly opposite.  Stigall breaks it down today in a not to miss monologue.  Another big win in federal court against the Biden administration for Eric Schmitt, Attorney General of Missouri.  Title 42 is here to stay for now and as our border continues to be overrun, former acting secretary of Homeland Security uner Donald Trump – Chad Wolf discusses the biggest security concerns for the homeland.  Plus, Christopher Bedford from on the digital freedom movement and why we’re not out of the woods yet.