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Jul 25, 2019

Simply put, today’s show summarizes the entire 7-hour day of testimony, media coverage, and reaction to the Mueller hearing on Capitol Hill.  If you’re confused by it, or don’t quite understand it, or know someone who’s trying to make sense of the entire affair – Stigall has it for you in today’s easily digestible show.  Just make sure you chew well or you’ll choke.    

:00 – Open: Mueller hearing highlights and reaction, Epstein injured in jail

:06 – News headlines: McFlurry and Dunkin’ meatless sausage

:26 – Mueller hearing summary from Michael Moore, audio highlights from Jake Tapper, Major Garrett, Terry Moran, John King, Chuck Todd

:34 – Myth that Mueller was a tough buy, but he wasn’t

:45 – Trump’s response: Mueller did a horrible job, CNN & MSNBC are angry at Trump’s happiness..comrades

:55 – Audio montages of Mueller: ‘repeat the question’ and ‘not going to get into that’

1:01 – Mueller moments worth noting: Fusion GPS, exonerate

1:18 – Chris’s column on Jerry Seinfeld and the wokeness of comedy

1:21 - Mailbag