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Jun 24, 2019

President Trump talks to “Sleepy Eyes” Chuck Todd.  Vice President Pence talks with Jake “The Snake “ Tapper.  It goes as well as you’d think it would.  The White House has decided it’s time to go on offense and walk into the lion’s den of hostile media interviews.  Stigall dissects the strategy and what went down.  Meanwhile, the disgusting political food fight about children at our southern border roils and droning on about our drone shot down by Iran. 

:00 – Open: Beltway politics and feeling filthy

:12 – News headlines

:26 – Buffett of audio and stories from the weekend

:30 – Motive behind the woman who accuses Trump of rape

:36 – Captain Douche in SC talks about the Avengers again

:40 – Biden segregationists issues

:50 – Airstrike against Iran called off and commentator David Gergen knows why

1:01 – Is this Trump’s ‘red line’ moment?

1:05 – Deportations are delayed: Trump with Chuck Todd, Pence with Jake Tapper and Bernie doesn’t like it

1:22 – Mayor Pete had a bad weekend

1:25 - Mailbag