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Jul 26, 2019

The reaction to the reaction of the Mueller flop on Capitol Hill Wednesday is something to behold.  Captain Douche (Eric Swallwell drops a hell of a bomb, but no one notices but Stigall). Representative Ilhan Omar continues to demonstrate what real racism is even though the media refuses to acknowledge it.  And is Big Tech silencing Democrat presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard? Stigall thinks so, and knows why.  


:00 – Open: Day 2 of Mueller reaction and the 5 stages of grief, Omar, Gabbard sues Google, Swalwell with Wolf and in the in-laws are coming to town

:13 – News headlines: Paige gets her own intro, Brady Bunch house

:23 – Why do ratings of Mueller hearing a story? 

:35 – David Gergan on CNN has an admission

:38 – Media has driven the cycle of news while Trump challenges them

:41 – Jeffrey Toobin is furious at Dems

:49 – Captain Douche (Swalwell) on with Wolf Blitzer: Russians change vote counts

:57 – Adam Schiff on impeaching Trump, Nicole Wallace says this is how its done (comparable to Puerto Rico)

1:04 – Ted Lieu’s question to Mueller was a ‘whoa’ moment, Wolf asks him about it

1:14 – John Nolte from Breitbart with “Die Hard” reference to today’s politics

1:20 – Tulsi Gabbard is suing Google alleging the company shut off her ads after first debate

1:26 – Ilhan Omar says should be more fearful of white man

1:32 – Einstein’s theory of relativity is settled….for now

1:35 - Mailbag