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Jun 18, 2019

The cesspool that is social media still seems to drive most of the daily dialogue in news converage.  OJ Simpson and Bill Cosby both made news on it over the weekend.  The Democrats can’t stop playing to it – so much so they’re being warned by the strategists in their party to knock it off.  Harvard is tossing kids because of it.  But there are highly enjoyable warriors on it as well.  At least for now.  Our special guest, Brietbart Editor-At-Large John Nolte on why he’s prepared to get kicked of Twitter, why CNN is the worst, and why comedy is failing so badly at the box office.


:00 – Open: to ‘table set’ or not, Kyle Kashuv, John Nolte from Breitbart

:09 – News headlines

:26 – Norm Macdonald responds to OJ’s tweet and Bill Cosby tweets

:33 – ABC’s 30 hours with Trump ratings

:37 – Kyle Kashuv with Ed Henry

:45 – John Nolte from Breitbart interview

1:22 – Kirsten Gillibrand on abortions and racism

1:32 – Dem strategists and hosts have thoughts

1:42 – Hillary and Clinton Broadway show ends

1:43 - Mailbag